In what has to be one of the best pranks in a while, last night Oregon Duck fans were sneaky enough to climb the mountain above Sun Devil Stadium and painted the A Oregon green.

Normally,  ASU students guard the mountain so this can't happen but I guess they didn't think Oregon fans could pull off the feat so they left the mountain unguarded last night.

My question is though, how did the Oregon fans pull this off, referring to the paint?

Did someone check in the gallons of paint on their flight from Eugene? If they did buy the paint in Tempe, how were the people that walked in requesting the gallons of Oregon colored paint able to not tip off the people that work at Lowes or Home Depot? Strange right?

The last time this happened to the A was in 2009 when the students from Arizona pulled off the same feat by painting the A red.

At last word, the A has been painted black for tonight's game between ASU and Oregon.

It may not happen again for a while but you can bet it will!

Nice job Duck fans! Quack! Quack!


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