Ladies, if you’re looking to bring your new purse to an NFL football game this season, you’ll need to find another place to store the 2,000 items inside.


The NFL has adopted a new policy on purses for the upcoming season. According to the NFL website,

To provide a safer environment for the public and significantly expedite fan entry into stadiums, NFL teams will implement an NFL policy this year that limits the size and type of bags that may be brought into stadiums.

What types of bags can you bring to an NFL game? Clear ones, not to exceed 12” x 6” x 12”. Of course, “Official NFL team logo clear plastic tote bags will be available through club merchandise outlets” if you forget about the new rules. If you happen to have a small, wallet-like purse or clutch, you’re in luck. Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap can be taken into the stadium with one of the clear plastic bags.

Unfortunately, if you like to rock a fanny pack or plan to bring a seat cushion, you’ll be turned away. “Because the way seat cushions are constructed would allow them to be used to conceal a potential explosive device,” as written on the NFL website.

The NFL isn’t exactly making it easy to attend games with babies and toddlers, either. Can you take a diaper bag into an NFL game? Nope. According to the NFL site, "Diapers can be carried in a clear bag. Each member of a family, including children, would be allowed to carry an approved clear bag and a clutch purse into the stadium. That is a quite a bit of storage capacity.” You can totally fit 3 diapers, a bottle, some formula, wipes, powder, snacks, toys, and a pacifier in a Ziplock, right? Good luck.

Seems like the only thing that gets a pass is medical equipment. There will be a designated gate for security for anyone with special medical needs.

Feeling safe yet?

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