Even though Call of Duty games aren’t selling as well as they did before, there’s still no bigger name in the show. Any trickle of news about the next game — even an announcement that there will be an announcement — stirs the internet up into a frenzy.

Activision is set to announce the next game May 1 on TNT during an NBA playoff game broadcast. No doubt much of the info the publisher is sitting on will leak out in the days leading up to the unveiling, and maybe some of it already has. What we can be pretty sure of already is that Treyarch will be the developer and the game will feature a bunch of people getting shot.

Next week, we’ll find out whether the game will be the expected Black Ops 2, or the rumored Call of Duty: Eclipse. We can expect at least a teaser trailer, a vague premise and a release date to get GameStop to start shaking people down for pre-orders. Check CallofDuty.com to keep an eye on the countdown clock.

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