The official Call of Duty: Black Ops II reveal has come, and its debut trailer — no doubt the first of several we’ll be teased with in the next six months — reveals all sorts of tidbits about the next entry in the surefire blockbuster first-person shooter, due out Nov. 13.

For one, the developer is Treyarch, which is staying on its every-other-year release routine, cranking out games in years that end in even numbers. In the olden days Treyarch was known as the weak link in the franchise, with Infinity Ward releasing a big boy game in odd years. That all changed in 2010 when Treyarch’s Black Ops broke sales records that have yet to be passed.

Details on the plot are a little fuzzy, but the trailer hints that Sergeant Frank Woods, a hero in the original Black Ops, has somehow survived to be the narrator in the year 2025. Futuristic weaponry abounds, but as old man Frank attests, war still needs ballsy grunts willing to charge into enemy lines to do the dirty work machines can’t handle.

If you’re hungry for more info, check out Kotaku’s info dump on what we know so far about Black Ops II.

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