Ever wonder what Major League players talk about in the dugout? Well, apparently they spend a lot of time discussing each others’ facial features.

At least they do in the New York Mets’ dugout, where pitcher Jonathon Niese’s rather unique looking snoz was the subject of much ribbing from his teammates, especially Carlos Beltran, during the 2011 season. In fact, Beltran even offered to pay for Niese to get a nose job.

So when Niese showed up at spring training this week with a much more streamlined beak, the question became whether Beltran, who now plays for the St. Louis Cardinals, is going to pay up. “Yeah, he’ll pay. I sent him the bill,” Niese told reporters.

Even if Beltran reneges on his offer, Niese’s new nose has been a good deal. Apparently, the 25-year old suffered from a deviated septum, and the surgery has allowed him to breath easier and work out more during the off-season than he typically does.