Yesterday was New Beer's Eve which means we have an excuse to have a drink or two today. People 21 and over will most definitely be participating in National Beer Day today. We always try to find some kind of excuse to swing back a few cold ones and today is the perfect excuse.

Today is National Beer Day which is exactly why you should pop the top unless you're maintaining your sobriety. We have the Cullen-Harrison Act that was signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was signed on March 22, 1933, and is celebrated every year in the United States on this day.

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Beer lovers consider this special day a treat. Not a lot of people enjoy the taste of beer like others. For those that do love the taste of beer have so many options to choose from. If you're going to celebrate beer's day, you should do it right.

If you want to thrill your tastebuds on a day like today, craft beer should be your pick. Ever since I had my first taste of craft beer years ago, I didn't want anything else. There are plenty of options that you can order your craft beer from in El Paso.

Your options include DeadBeach Brewery, Aurelias Bottle Shop and Brewhouse, Tin Man, and many more. You have more than enough choices on where you can buy your beer. The question comes down to, where will you purchase your beer from to celebrate National Beer Day.

Let's hope things get better within time so we can enjoy another 915 Beer Fest (featured above by KTSM 9 News) in the future. Place your two cents on where you plan to order some cold ones from in the poll below.

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