There are some roads in El Paso that have needed a touchup in who knows how long. For example, one particular road that I feel desperately needs it is Viscount Blvd. near Cielo Vista Mall. The road gets bumpy as hell when you get to Hawkins Blvd. at the lights.

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Besides that road, there are tons more that need to get some repairs done which have been way overdue. Now I know I cannot be the only one who feels this way about certain bumpy roads around El Paso.

Not long ago a friend of mine had something to say that a lot of drivers in El Paso could agree with. Felix Payne had shared a funny status about how he felt as if he was off-roading but realized it was just Saul Kleinfeld Dr. that he was riding on.

We all have our own opinions about which roads have us feeling as if we're really off-roading at the Wall or Red Sands. Now I am sure there are other roads that are in horrible condition all over El Paso.

Another one other fellow El Pasoans can probably also agree on is that Pebble Hills Blvd. is another fun bumpy time. But for those who drive on Juarez roads on a daily basis, probably consider the roads here in better shape.

There are so many roads in El Paso that almost everyone has something to say about the terrible condition it is in. Although we wish the roads could get repaired at the same time we don't want any more traffic than there already is. But place your opinion on whether or not you feel as if you're off-roading while driving on certain roads in El Paso below.

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