Clearly, the point STILL hasn't gotten across to avid off-roaders. The Texas Rescue Patrol has kept posting on their social media page about picking up after yourselves and still aren't respected. Time after time regular some off-roading enthusiasts (not all) aren't following rules. They go out to the desert (Red Sands) to off-road and drink but leave their trash behind. They still haven't been cleaning up after themselves for quite some time now. The Texas Rescue Patrol have been the ones to clean up after the disrespectful off-roaders mess. There are some who care about our environment and Red Sands that actually do follow the rules. They bring their own trash bag to keep their trash collected and dispose of it elsewhere in a trash bin. So since certain litterbugs aren't exactly doing their part in taking care of Red Sands Texas Rescue Patrol went to their last resort. The Texas Rescue Patrol has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money to buy a dumpster.

They're hoping to raise enough money to purchase a dumpster to set up at the entrance of Red Sands. This is so that people who plan on taking a pack of drinks or food they can dump their trash on their way out. But for those who do donate to this good cause keeping Red Sands clean, you will be recognized on the billboard at the entrance of Red Sands as a sponsor. Space is limited to donate $10 to the GoFundMe page. If you love off-roading and would like to see your name as a sponsor then donate to the GoFundMe page for a new dumpster.

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