This has to be one of the most creative things that we have seen in a while. Mike Brown is a volunteer coach for the Mississippi State Bulldogs baseball team. His wife Sarah is pregnant with their second child and head coach Andy Cannizaro thought about a creative way to reveal the gender of Brown's baby. This video from the MSU baseball twitter account tells the story.

The team purchased two special baseballs, one filled with blue powder and the other with pink powder. The Bulldogs divided up into two groups. The players who thought the baby was a boy stood on the first base line, while the players who predicted the gender to be a girl were on the third base line. When Brown approached the hitting tee and connected, the ball would explode and the baby's gender would be revealed. Since the entire Bulldogs team was there to witness the event, Brown had a chance to celebrate with them.

Cannizaro's idea to stage college baseball's first ever baby gender reveal party turned into a special moment for the Brown and his Bulldogs family.

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