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Bummer, dudes. We lost another one. Mr. Gatti's Pizza is now permanently closed, based on a sign taped to the front door and the fact Lubbock is no longer listed in the company's online store locator.

Well, the Lubbock favorite pizza/game room has technically been closed for several weeks now, but many people are just now learning about that.

After a quick peek at several signs on the door, it is clear that it was a fight to the end. The former staff had posted several signs with different information that allow us to speculate as to what exactly happened.

The Sad Tale of Mr. Gatti's Closure in Lubbock, Texas

Several signs posted on the door show a timeline of what led up to the closure of this Lubbock-favorite pizza place/arcade.

CiCi's Pizza met a similar fate earlier this year when they struggled to keep their doors open and offered delivery. They, too, found out the hard way that it was all about the game room and the cheap deal to stuff your face with as much pizza as possible, not about the actual pizza quality.

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