Peter Farrelly's "Movie 43" opened today to mixed reviews.  While boasting one of the largest ensemble casts in cinematic history, the movie is being described as disjointed and raunchy.

The movie is actually a series of twelve vignettes that are loosely related.  One of the sketches is called "Victory's Glory," and it doesn't take too long to figure out what movie the sketch is lampooning.

The sketch takes place in 1959 and features an all black high school basketball team coached by Terrence Howard.  The 'Miner Orange' clad squad is petrified about facing an all white team in the state championship.  Howard assures them they have nothing to worry about because they are black and the other team is white.

When I first caught wind of this, I had to check it out.  I didn't find is as much offensive as I did unfunny.  It appealed to the lowest common denominator and played on some tired stereotypes.

Check out the scene for yourself HERE.

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