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Today's show features Coronado High School senior basketball team manager Mitchell Marcus, and Franklin High School varsity basketball player Jonathon Montanez.

Mitchell and Jonathon talk about their life changing experience that took place when Coronado faced Franklin on February 12.

Coronado team manager and senior Mitchell Marcus was given the opportunity of a lifetime by his coach Peter Morales to suit up and play in the final game of the season.

Mitchell is a special needs student and was thrilled when his number was called with a minute and a half remaining in the game.  Unfortunately, Marcus was unable to make a few shot attempts, but with 13 seconds remaining, Franklin senior Jonathon Montanez turned the ball over by graciously passing Mitchell the ball and he made the final shot of the game.

Since the game life has been crazy for Mitchell and Jonathon.  They mention what it was like to go on the Ellen show and Sportscenter, as well as their memorable experience of sitting courtside at an LA Clippers game and meeting Chris Paul and Kevin Durrant.

We also discuss the message that they would like to send to people and what their future plans are.  I also learned that the Coronado and Franklin basketball teams will be flown to Dallas to attend the NCAA Tournament.  Cowboys Stadium is hosting the Sweet 16 and Elite 8.

My special thanks to Coronado High School basketball team manager Mitchell Marcus, and Franklin High School varsity basketball player Jonathon Montanez.  If you would like to reach Mitchell you can email him at, rmitchellmarcus@gmail.com.  If you would like to reach Jonathon Montanez you can email him at jonmontanez22@yahoo.com.

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Here is Deep Dish Sports with Mitchell and Jonathon

"It was amazing that he put me in, my dream came true, when he passed me the ball I made it, he's a nice guy, and treats others like he wants to be treated."

"My grandma when she was about to pass away said, someone is always watching you, whether it be in heaven or on Earth physically.  At that moment it felt like the right thing to do at the right time."



Here is the story that CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman did on this remarkable event.



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