With the sports calendar slowing down, and the NCAA Tournament turning 75 this year, ESPN decided to rank the 75 most memorable moments in 75 years of the 'big dance.'

Texas Western forever changed the landscape of college basketball with their 72-65 victory over Kentucky.  Don Haskins started and played only black players while Adolph Rupp started and played only white players.  ESPN ranked that watershed moment as number three of 75.  Only NC State's win over Houston in 1983 and Christian Laettner's buzzer beater against Kentucky in 1992 ranked higher.

The 1966 game was one of two moments that sparked social awareness and change.  The 1963 "Game of Change" between Loyola of Illinois and Mississippi State checked in at number twelve.

Bird vs. Magic and Jordan's shot against Georgetown in 1982 round out the top five.  For the complete list, click here.