Ah, the holidays. The only time of the year people can dress up in a weird seasonal character outfit and appear completely sane. And yet, some do not understand this time-honored holiday tradition, and its boundaries. Maybe some people are just too jolly, happy and dumb.

Kevin Michael Walsh, dressed as Frosty the Snowman in a holiday parade, made a comment about a K-9 dog to a Maryland police officer. When officers tried to escort ‘Frosty’ away from the parade, he decide to take a swing at a cop and attempted to kick the police dog. Walsh was ultimately released on his own recognizance.

No word on whether the cops let him keep his costume but we can all assume what happened in those hours of lock-up down at the town jail. Thumpty, thump, thump, thumpty, thump, look at Frosty get nightsticked!

[via AP]

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