It was another action-packed sports weekend, filled with plenty of surprises and upsets. The biggest shocker involved the NBA's defending champs.

Phil Jackson

1. The Lakers getting swept out of the NBA Playoffs. I was shocked the defending NBA Champs were swept by the Mavericks, and more surprised how they did it. The team was thoroughly outplayed in the series and the cheap shot fouls by Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom were totally uncalled for. I don't think Lakers head coach Phil Jackson could have ever dreamed this end to his Hall of Fame coaching career. 

Animal Kingdom

4. Pac-Man makes easy work of another past-his-prime opponent. Sugar Shane Mosley was no match for the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Even if Pacquiao signs to fight Floyd Mayweather for $50 million each, the two will be years past their prime by the time they enter the ring. 

5. Norm Macdonald is the perfect guy to host a sports TV show. If you listened to my interview with Norm on Friday, you know why. If not, listen to the replay.

Gary Williams

6. A legendary college basketball coach calls it a career. Gary Williams decided the time was right to say goodbye. He leaves with record of 668-320, including 461 wins in 22 seasons at Maryland. Williams might not be one of the 10 greatest college coaches of all-time, but he is clearly one of the most respected coaches in the game.  

7. Do not expect any Oscar De La Hoya sightings at Cohen Stadium. An announcement is expected soon to announce the sale of the team, but it will not involvethe Golden Boy. It will, however, involve some of El Paso's most prominent businessmen.

8. Abie Han adds to his perfect record in Las Vegas. The El Paso product won his 13th professional bout without a loss Friday night at Mandalay Bay. Han could soon become one of the top middleweight prospects in the country and El Paso's next pro boxing star.

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