The one year anniversary of the tragic attack on our city is coming up. We got the chance to speak to Mayor Dee Margo earlier this week and when we asked about the upcoming anniversary, he got a little choked up and in turn, I got teary eyed as well. It's been a rough year for El Paso, somehow the shooting at the Walmart brought us all together as a community only for us to be knocked down again with this pandemic. But,

As we approach the one year anniversary, the El Paso United Family Resiliency Center (FRC), the County of El Paso and the City of El Paso are aiming to unite El Pasoans once again in order to honor those we lost and send love to those deeply impacted. Events will be held to honor those affected and you can take part of it too, safely, of course.

In true El Paso fashion, luminarias will be lit at Ascarate Park. On Sunday, August 2nd and Monday, August 3rd, you're invited to drive through Ascarate Park to reflect "together but safely." The luminaria pathway will symbolize the community’s road toward a resilient future. The luminaria pathway will also include the sounds and melodies of local musicians spread across the park. Attendees are encouraged to decorate their vehicles as a symbol of their love for El Paso. Both days, the events runs from 8:30 PM until 11 PM.

On Thursday, July 30th, at 8:15 PM, 23 luminarias will also be lit at Cleveland Square park to honor the 23 victims. If you cannot attend these events, you're invited to light a luminaria and display it on your porch or front door on the evening of August 3rd.  Visitors of the luminaria drive-thru on August 2 will receive a luminaria kit at the entrance of the park.

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