There are quite a few people that enjoy spending time on the mountain we all know as Scenic Drive. There are people who occasionally visit Scenic Drive from time to time alone or with their favorite company. When people visit scenic drive alone usually go up there to gather their thoughts and find some peace.

Plus, checking out the view of East El Paso and nature sounds helps ease your stressful mood. When people have a lot on their mind the calming sounds of nature along with a superb view help. Lovers or scenic viewers won't be able to enjoy the beautiful view with a romantic setting for a couple of days.

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This morning on my way to work I noticed the flashing signs that said scenic drive won't be open for a couple of days. Scenic Drive is planning on closing for uncertain reasons. But if you've been on scenic drive lately then you may have an idea why that is.

There are quite a few areas on the Scenic Drive wall that need some repairs done. Before I remember seeing only one spot where someone had crashed into the rock wall. But as for now, when you're driving from one side of town to the other you'll notice several damaged spots.

They plan on closing Scenic Drive from Thursday, March 22 through Saturday, March 24. So if you like to head up to the mountain for some alone or quality time, you can visit Transmountain instead. But there are other back roads to take for the time being that Scenic Drive can open again.

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