The Summer Olympics is one of the few times that we can sit and stare at women in bikinis for long periods of time without getting the cops getting involved. Thanks London, for trying to ruin everything.

Olympic officials have instituted a new rule making it acceptable for female players to wear shorts and shirts.  They claim it’s to encourage women from countries with more modest beliefs to be able to participate in a sport that has been dominated by women from the US, South America and Europe.

For years, we’ve tuned into women’s beach volleyball because all the ladies are incredibly talented and…fine it’s the bikinis. You saw right through us. You know us so well. Anyway, this a plea to all the female Olympic beach volleyball players — come play in our backyard. We’ve got a net set up with sand and video cameras and…wait…not video cameras. We meant chairs for referees. There are no video cameras.

ESPECIALLY not in the changing rooms.

[Via Yahoo]

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