Trust me when I tell you, it pains me as a Louisville Cardinal fan to write this.

If there is one thing I have learned since working here at 600 ESPN El Paso it is to be unbiased. It may be the toughest part of being in the media, to set aside your personal feelings and look at things with an open mind.

That is why you need look no further than the fans of the University of Kentucky for the best fans in college basketball.

Now, I know what you are going to say, what about Duke, UNC, Michigan St. or UCONN? Indiana also comes to mind when I think of great fans but trust me when I tell you, Kentucky has the best fans of all.

Last night I was doing my thing, watching games on as I checked my beloved Twitter as it updated.

That is when a Tweet came across about 10:00pm that said a post game radio show for the Wildcats was starting and to click the link to listen. Now I have not heard a Kentucky radio station of any kind since I left the state in 1994 and I like the guy, Matt Jones (@KySportsRadio to follow him ) who sent out the Tweet, so I said to myself, "It is midnight in Kentucky, how good of a show can there possibly be at midnight?"

Well, let me tell you, Kentucky, just a few hours before had destroyed Georgia by 30 and this radio show has 6 phone lines that stayed FULL for the whole hour the show was on! They even had a mom from Houston calling in for her 12 year old son, a regular caller, because he couldn't stay awake and he wanted her to give his thoughts about the game!

Are you kidding me???

Not only that but people were complaining about a 30 point victory. Did you hear me? Complaining!

They were also talking about next years team and if it was going to be as good as this years team after freshman Anthony Davis and others leave for the NBA. WOW!

Now some credit to the callers, not all of them were saying the NCAA Championship was theirs already. Some of them made some very valid points and some didn't. Matt Jones did an excellent job of handling the "crazies".

I remember the long time voice of the Kentucky Wildcats, Cawood Ledford (oh that perfect voice) and his post game show when I was little and I don't remember it going until 1:ooam. Maybe it is the times and the way sports talk radio has changed that affords fans a show at midnight but I will tell you this, if there was a show that started at midnight 30 years ago, the phone lines would have be full then too!

If you don't believe what I am saying, just watch March Madness and see how well Kentucky travels.

I am what you call the "black sheep" of my family. Of my friends too, that I grew up with in Kentucky. I bleed RED and they ALL bleed BLUE. Try as they might, they will NEVER get me to be a fan of the University of Kentucky.

But after last night, I WILL be a fan of the FANS (no matter how crazy they are because those fans make me laugh) of the University of Kentucky.


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