Please join us in congratulating, Jordan Villarreal as this weeks 600 ESPN El Paso Athlete of the Week!

Jordan is a 14-year-old football player attending Parkland High School.

Not only is Jordan a fierce competitor on the field, but he also excels oft the field. Villarreal is in two AP classes and has a 100 or a 99 average in both. His family and teammates tell Team 600 he has great sportsmanship on and off the field.

Because of these qualities, family friend Colt DeMorris felt Jordan was worthy of the award and we agree! You can tune in to 600 ESPN El Paso during SportsTalk with Steve Kaplowitz on Tuesday to hear Jordan and Colt join is during the show as we talk about Jordan’s accomplishments and why Colt thinks he’s such a great mentor.

Congratulations Jordan Villareal, 600 ESPN El Paso Athlete of the Week!