Congratulations to 14 year old, Parkland High School freshman, Jordan Villareal! He plays Nose Tackle for the Parkland Freshman team.

Jordan had three nominations from not only family but from friends as well.

Colt DeMorris, a family friend, sent in one of the three nominations and let us know that Jordan is not only a great on the field but in the class room as well.

Jordan takes two AP classes and has a 99 or 100 average in both.

Villareal also displays excellent sportsmanship on the field.

It is because of all of these reasons that we are happy to have, Jordan Villareal, as our 600 ESPN El Paso Athlete of the Week!

Jordan came in studio on Tuesday with Colt to talk to Steve Kaplowitz for a segment on SportsTalk. Below is the audio from the show, as well as the video we shot while they were here.


 "Nobody ever plays attention to the line, but that's where it all starts and those are the people that work the hardest."




(Courtesy of YouTube)