What started as a jovial interview with Kentucky head coach John Calipari turned pretty uncomfortable for Dan Patrick when the platooning strategy of 2014-15 was introduced into the conversation. 

When Patrick flat-out told Calipari that he thought they would have won the national championship with a seven-man rotation rather than the nine or 10 they normally used, the outspoken head coach defended his decision.

"I love these kids and I love results," Calipari said. "And I'm trying to do both. And there not like you can only do one. You can do both."

"We almost won 40 games, and we were given a tough path in the NCAA (Tournament) playing Notre Dame and Wisconsin."

The more Calipari explained his position, the more apparent it became that his biggest priority was to prepare his players for the NBA.

"They all deserve to play so I platooned," Calipari said. "I had never done it before. I had never tried it before. I didn't know if it would work. Well, guess what? Karl (Anthony Towns) is 1. Willie (Cauley-Stein) is top 5/6. The other two Trey (Lyles) and Devin (Booker) are both in the lottery. You've got both Andrew (Harrison) and you have Dakari (Johnson) looking like first round (draft picks), and Aaron (Harrison) shortly thereafter.

Things got pretty heated as the two continued to argue over results and roster management. Calipari told Patrick he stunk at basketball and said he didn't know many people that could stand the popular host. It was pretty clear by the end of the interview that Patrick hit on a pretty sore subject for Big Blue Nation.

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