If you didn't already know, I grew up in Kentucky.

In the circles of the Bluegrass State, I am what is termed a "black sheep".

You see, I am the only person from both sides of my entire family that is a Louisville Cardinal fan. The rest, well, they bleed blue and are Kentucky Wildcat fans.

Even the friends I grew up with are all Cat fans. So calling me a "black sheep" is really an understatement come to think of it!

I have been to Louisville/Kentucky games at Freedom Hall in Louisville and at Rupp Arena in Lexington. None of the games I have been to are going to compare to this Saturday in New Orleans at the Final Four.

It is hard to explain this rivalry so I will try as best I can.

Imagine the Yankees and the Red Sox being in the same State, or the Lakers and the Celtics. Now put them about 75 miles apart and they only play once a year. Do you see what I mean?

Sure you can tell me, don't forget about North Carolina and Duke. It is a great rivalry, but they are in the same conference and some years play 3 times.

This is a completely different situation all together. The two schools had not played since 1959 and then in 1983, they played each other in the Elite Eight and Louisville won. That started a home and home series that exists to this day.

They have only played each other twice in a year 2 times and that was in 1983 and 1984.

That is how special this Saturday is to people from State or people who went to school at Louisville and Kentucky and got sucked in to the rivalry while there.

Louisville is playing with house money, no one expected them to be in the Final Four. Kentucky however, have been the odds on favorites to win the NCAA Tournament since it started two weeks ago and have the weight of the world on their shoulders.

If Louisville were to pull off an upset,  it would be a worse defeat than 1992 and the Christian Laettner "shot heard round the world" game. I have asked several friends and family members and they agree with me on that statement.

Shocking that we agreed on something.

A little while ago I found out that come this Saturday, I will be in New Orleans watching history and a rivalry that is perhaps, the best in any sport.

I can't wait!! Thank you Rochelle!!!

C - A - R - D - S  Cards! Cards! Cards!