According to an article recently shared by Taste of Home, there are 8 steak house faux pas that some of us in Texas may have been guilty of at some point throughout our dining out experiences.

Even the most well-dined people may occasionally find that they've engaged in an 'oopsie' at one of our Texas restaurants. I believe I'm fairly well-versed in dining etiquette, and you likely may be as well. But I confess I'm guilty of two of the things on this list when dining at a Longview, Tyler, or even Dallas, Texas steakhouse.

It's interesting, though. When I look at this list I realize that some or all of these offenses must be at least common enough to have inspired such a list so, if you're 'guilty' of any of these, too, just know you're not alone.

So, what are the 8 things that chefs dislike us doing when eating at their steakhouses, according to Taste of Home?

Some of these are directly related to basic dining etiquette. Others are more directly connected to the steak itself and the most proper ways to enjoy it when we are dining at one of our Texas steakhouses. Others still have to do with personal preferences regarding how steak should be prepared.

When it comes to personal preferences, I'm a fan of letting people eat their steak however they want it. However, I do think it makes sense to expand our culinary horizons and try it the way the chef feels it tastes best if we are open to that.

OK, let's take a look at the 8 things Taste of Home says chefs wish we wouldn't do when dining at their steakhouses:

8 Things Chefs REALLY Wish We Wouldn't Do at Steakhouses

According to an article recently shared by Taste of Home, there are 8 steak house faux pas that some of us in Texas may have been guilty of at some point throughout our dining out experiences. 

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