You know, it is funny to me that Murray St., an OVC school, is #9 in the nation in the men's college basketball polls.

Yes, Murray St is 23-0 and gunning for win number 24 tonight at home against Tennessee St. and trust me I am taking nothing away from the season the Racers are having.

What I can't figure out is why an undefeated team from the, not even mid-major, Ohio Valley Conference can crack the top 10 in the Men's top 25 and the UTEP Women can't even get in the top 25 from C-USA when there are 15 teams who have a worse record than the Miners and ARE IN the top 25?

Can someone explain the politics that is the top 25 to me? I thought I had it all figured out but I guess not.

C-USA is a major conference last I checked (even though some may argue with me and call it a mid-major) and there are schools from the Horizon (#9 Green Bay 20-0 ),  Colonial (#12 Delaware 20-1 ) and Atlantic 10 (#25  St. Bonaventure 22-2 ) which are lower level conferences to say the least. Yes, two of these schools have better records than the Miners but the other has the same number of losses. Delaware's loss was by 9 points and St. Bonaventure's two losses combine for a total of 23 points. The Miners 2 losses total 3 points! Are you serious?

I get the RPI and the power rankings and that is fine but doesn't common sense take over at some point in the ranking process? Do we always have to rely on computers now?

The Miners and St. Bonaveture are in the same number of statistical categories on, 6, and of those categories that they both appear in, the Miners are well ahead in the rankings.

So I ask you, why can't the Miners get in? What are these schools from smaller conferences doing that the Miners are not?

I can answer that... POLITICS!

Ranked or not these girls play there hearts out every night and deserve more appreciation and respect from the AP.







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