The Guinness World Record for "Longest Barbeque Marathon" has been given to five people in Memphis. I never knew that this world record existed, and I also cannot believe that Texas, more specifically El Paso, are not the world record holders for this!

According to, the crew was manned by Addison Forsdick and Robert Hammons and they barbequed for 48 hours. The previous record holders were, unfortunately, also not Texans but rather a group of Italians who barbequed for 40 hours and 53 seconds.

In the Memphis case, they reported that most of the food was donated  to charity. Hammons and Forsdick gathered their crew and were able to work with five minute breaks every hour. The Memphis team started cooking at 9 a.m. on Friday and stopped at 9 a.m. on Sunday; I also know a few people who have had parties that have lasted that long.

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It's all good and dandy, and I guess if Texans can't have the honor of being Guinness World Record holders for longest barbeque marathon, then I guess Memphis is the next best thing. However, I would bet that Texans all around, especially El Pasoans, could definitely beat the record.

Think about all the great barbeque connoisseurs we have in El Paso, both professional and amateur. I'm sure if we rounded up the great barbeque masters around town, chefs and tio's who love to grill on the weekends, El Paso could definitely win that title and bring barbeque glory to the Lone Star state, where it belongs!


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