Andy Corren spoke with Monika about his mom and her time in El Paso.

Miguel Vigil
Miguel Vigil

Last weekend, that hilarious and brutally honest obituary Andy Corren wrote for his mom, who lived and died in El Paso, has shared some sweet words about our city and its people with me.

After passing on December 11 at the "impossible age of 84," Andy wrote his mother's epic obituary. Appearing initially in the Fayetteville Observer, Renay's obituary has been called a masterpiece and lauded by folks far and wide after her son's heartfelt ode went viral internationally.

Andy Corren
Andy Corren

While Andy and his mom were Fayetville natives early on, he now lives in Upstate New York, where he works as a talent manager and writer; his mother ended up moving to El Paso around 2008, no doubt to continue living her best life.

Corren recapped to the Fayetville Obveser that he is the youngest of six, recalling how his family grew up poor. But no matter the circumstances, his mother would never hesitate to share the little food or space they had in their home with others who were even more impoverished.

After writing about the original story, I reached out to Andy via Instagram to offer my condolences and let him know that we were also sending our love to the whole family from El Paso. I also added that he shouldn't hesitate to reach out if he ever found himself back in the Sun City.

Andy responded by saying,

You are so kind, and these words - from a total stranger - lift us up. El Paso is in our souls, and it always will be. We grew to love EP and weirdly call it home, so thank you for remembering a truly original "hometown girl" and for giving this Northeast EP family some cheer.

I also asked him how someone in El Paso could contribute under Renay M. Corren's name, and he went on to say that,

Folks can donate to women’s reproductive health and services which were very dear to her heart including Planned Parenthood EP!

Renay Mandel Corren led a fascinating life and was a woman who lived life on her terms, surrounded by family and friends who to this day hold fond memories of the "bawdy, fertile, redheaded matriarch of a sprawling Jewish-Mexican-Redneck American family."

READ THE OBITUARY: RIP Renay Mandel Corren

And while sadly we never did get to meet Ms. Renay, we now know, thanks to her son, that she was a beautiful soul who made herself at home in Northeast El Paso.

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