The fourth edition of the ‘Humble Indie Bundle’ offers a bunch of hit indie video games all for a great cause.

The fundraising drive regularly offers several popular indie games as part of their “pay what you choose” plan, but this latest batch offers the best deal yet for even the most average gamer. It includes the insanely addictive ‘Super Meat Boy,’ the classic throwback ‘Bit Trip Runner’ and the ultra violent (and therefore insanely cool) run ‘n slash sidescroller ‘Shank.’

Other games in the bundle include ‘NightSky HD’ and ‘Jamestown’ available for the first time on Linux. Those who give a little extra can also take home copies of ‘Cave Story+’ and ‘Gratuitous Space Battles.’

Part of the proceeds benefit the American Red Cross and Child’s Play, a charity that provides video games and consoles to children’s hospitals for the benefit of their patients.

[Via Humble Indie Bundle ]