The time is now for someone to make an Eddie Guerrero biographical film and we know the perfect actor to play the iconic wrestler.

There are plenty of great documentaries on some of the wrestling greats but few movies covering their lives in detail. After the success of "Fighting with my Family," the movie about the life of WWE's Paige and her wrestling family, fans are hopeful more movies will be made about the wrestlers they've grown up with.

There's been a push for quite some time for a full-length movie about the life of El Paso's own Eddie Guererro. Guerrero is a WWE Hall of Famer who is arguably one of the best pro-wrestlers of all time. During his "Talk is Jericho" podcast back in 2018, Chris Jericho said he believes "deep down inside" Guererro could be the best of all time. Jericho explained how Guererro had all the elements, per SportsBible:

"He checks all the boxes; acting, character, work, creativity, fearlessness, calling it in the ring.

'Who calls sh*t in the ring now?' "

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Eddie Guererro's passion for wrestling began at a young age after watching his father Gory Guererro in the ring. Gory was one of the top Mexican American professional wrestlers and the patriarch of the Guererro wrestling dynasty. Eddie inherited his father's talent and was natural in the ring. Eddie wowed wrestling fans with his high-flying style and was remarkably versatile- making people both love and hate him at the same time. It would make complete sense that the next big biography should bring the "Latino Heat" to the big screen.

If the movie were to happen, we know the perfect actor who could Frog Splash his way into the role. When watching Game of Thrones, this character was naturally charismatic and his mischievous grin reminded me of Guererro and I found myself rooting for him whether he was right or wrong. He has the talent for the role so I'm just hoping he'd be able to put on the muscle to pull on Eddie's pants.

Pedro Pascal played the Viper and is currently suiting up as the Mandalorian and fans really want to see him now as Eddie Guerrero in a film. There have been fan castings online that have put Pascal as the obvious choice to play the former WWE Champion. Pascal is a little taller than Guerrero by a couple of inches and Eddie's shorter height was something he had to overcome. But if you cast taller actors around him it would be fine.

Here's to hoping Eddie Guerrero gets the respect he deserves and someone makes a worthy film about him.

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