First it was free cone day and now Dairy Queen ice cream lovers can enjoy another cool deal just in time for these much warmer days ahead.

In honor of the year that Dairy Queen's beloved “Blizzard” debuted, 1985, the restaurant will be offering their signature frozen treat for just 85 cents!!

Yup, Dairy Queen employees will be serving so many upside down blizzards this month that it may turn them upside down! Jk, kinda.

Blizzards usually cost from $3 to $5 but if you head to Dairy Queen between April 10th through April 23rd you can enjoy this money saving deal- BUT, there’s a catch. Well, kind of.

This deal is only available exclusively through the DQ mobile app. I know, I know it’s an extra step but honestly it’s a step worth taking to save a few bucks on a delicious frozen treat!

And if you download the app you’ll be able to enjoy other cool deals!

Personally, I’ll be heading out everyday to grab myself an oreo blizzard because that’s my fave flavor and this year Dairy Queen is mixing things up by adding an OREO Brookie Blizzard to their menu which will feature brownie AND cookie baked together. I mean, you had me at OREO!

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