Here it is -- all your local sports in one place with one app!

The new 600 ESPN El Paso stand-alone app is here, and it's absolutely FREE! With it, not only can you stream your favorite ESPN shows with the touch of a single button, but you get all of's content, too!

The most exciting part of the new app is that, if you want to, you can have live score updates sent straight to your phone for each of the games we broadcast on-air, including:

  • The El Paso Chihuahuas (every three innings)
  • UTEP Baseball (every three innings)
  • UTEP Football (each quarter)
  • UTEP Basketball (each half)
  • Dallas Cowboys (each quarter)

Now -- don't worry. If you're someone who doesn't want the score spoiled for you because you're recording the game back at home, you can turn these push notifications on or off at ANY time. Or you can disable them altogether. There's also a feature to disable all notifications in the late evenings, so if that game goes late, your phone won't wake you up with a score you don't need at that moment.

The 600 ESPN El Paso app is basically like having our entire radio station and website in your pocket. Actually, it's LITERALLY having it all in your pocket (if that's where you keep your phone).

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