El Paso County is now rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations to residents in the borderland. Here's how you can pre-register and find out if you can get the vaccine. The United States is currently administering two COVID-19 vaccines to the public and many are eagerly waiting for their chance to get poked. The question is, whether or not individuals meet the requirements to get the vaccine. Currently, people must qualify for either Phase 1A or Phase 1B to pre-register for the vaccine. To find out who qualifies as a Phase 1A (either Titer 1 or Tier 2) please visit the Texas Health and Human Services website to see who qualifies under this umbrella. You can also check out if you qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine under Phase 1B here.

From there, you can head to El Paso Strong website and fill out the COVID-19 Vaccine Priority Group Registration form. After you enter your information, all eligible residents will be placed on the waiting list to be contacted when the vaccine becomes available. Vaccines are on a first-come, first-serve basis so remember to check your spam folders to make sure the confirmation email is received. Registrants should also remember that the process can take several weeks due to the limited supply of the COVID-19 vaccines. To find out more information on the COVID-19 vaccine response from El Paso County, head to the El Paso Strong website and click on the Vaccination page.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and we're still seeing numbers continue to rise. Today there were an additional 9 deaths added to the total COVID-19 death toll in El Paso County. There were an additional 376 new cases as well, bringing the total active COVID-19 cases in El Paso to 34,547.

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