I love me a good Chihuahuas game, but I don't have to worry about dragging along any beasties most of the time when I attend a game. If you are a parent, there are a few ways to make going to the game a little easier on you and your kiddos:

1. Take wet wipes - I cannot stress this enough. You and your kids will get grimy. Put a sandwich bag full of wet wipes in your bag or purse. You will not be sorry. The one time you forget them will be the last time you forget them. They're number one on this list. There's a reason for that.

2. Bring a light jacket - Yes, during the summer the temperature is 738 degrees, but little kids get sweaty when they sit in your lap and fall asleep. A light jacket between their skin and yours keeps everyone a little more comfortable. You can also use it as a pillow or to sit on if you're in the grass area.

3. You'll need a change of clothes - For the kids, I mean. They will get wet. You'll try to keep the out of the splash pad area or try to keep them from spilling things on themselves, but it's a lost cause. Just take the extra shorts and t-shirt.

4. Carry a big bag or a small purse - I take a small purse, but I don't need to carry wipes, extra clothes, 3 stuffed animals, and a beach towel. If I have little ones with me, I carry a bag. No kids, small purse. Embrace the momness - carry the big bag.

5. Chose your ticket according to your kid's age - If you have little ones who can't sit still for more than five minutes, go grass tickets. If your beasties are a little older, go with the regular seats. There are areas that have more leg room than others. Walk around the ballpark and check the seating out so you can decide which section to buy in the next time you go to a game. Do these little things and you'll have a much better time at the ballpark.

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