Everyone in El Paso knows how great it feels to help a good cause and do a good deed. El Pasoans who need a haircut or love tattoos will definitely want to support this cause.

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Gold Out El Paso is a non-profit organization that spreads awareness about kids who get cancer too. Gold Out El Paso's mission is to turn El Paso Gold for the month of September to spread awareness about kids with cancer.

If you have had a relative that has or has ever been diagnosed with cancer is tough. It isn't only tough on them but also on the whole entire family.

One year Gold Out El Paso really shined when they had the Color Kinetics on Airway lit up just for them. The glowing turbines at the Gateway of Airway were shining bright gold to honor Gold Out El Paso a year ago.

The non-profit has been on a mission to spread awareness and hold special functions in order to do so. Before the month comes to an end there are still a couple of events left to join to support a great cause.

Just refer to Gold Out El Paso's Facebook post above to show what events are left. This coming Saturday, September 24, is going to be huge because there will be free haircuts and tattoos to benefit Gold Out El Paso.

Should you want a free haircut from Vintage Barber Shop or a tattoo at Pumping Ink Tattoo just remember to provide a generous donation. Plus, you can also expect to see Hardknocks CC at Pumping Ink Tattoo this Saturday supporting Gold Out El Paso.

Hear what the crew from the non-profit Gold Out El Paso is all about on the Buzz Adams Morning Show below.


There is still time for you to help support a great cause that is raising awareness about kids with cancer. So be sure to join Gold Out El Paso this Saturday, September 24, to show your support for a great cause.

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