A film starring the Irish actor is currently filming in the Sun City but is Neeson in town too?

El Paso residents in the Manhatten Heights and Kern Place neighborhood have been reporting road closures and increased police activity in the area. Some have been questioning if there was criminal activity in the area but now we know all the commotion is for a new movie that's filming in the Sun City.

According to a post on the Next Door social media website, the film production company Camera Hogs LLC is filming scenes for a feature film starring Liam Neeson and directed by Martin Campbell. The company said the majority of the film, with the working title "Memory/Killer," takes place in El Paso and they are filming exterior scenes. According to a letter received by neighbors:

"The director, Martin Campbell, is interested in filming a few angles of the exterior of your street and homes to match scenes already filmed in Bulgaria. These scenes will play a big role in making the film seamlessly look like El Paso."

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No word if Liam Neeson himself is in town filming as well, but we do know they have been scouting in the area for stand-ins for other stars in the film. If Neeson is in town, we assume he's going to be using his very particular set of skills that he's acquired over his very long career.

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