Never heard of Fernanda Romero? Oh you will. Let’s get you up to speed:  Fernanda is a Mexican actress, singer, model, entrepreneur who is poised to become Hollywood’s newest latin diva sensation. Dubbed “the new Eva Mendes,” Fernanda just finished a movie with Vivica A. Fox and she’s shooting new movie now.

We caught up with Fernanda –here’s our quickie with this rising (and hot) star.

Guy Speed: First up: Are you single, married or is it complicated?

Fernanda: Single and happy.

GS: Ooh, single huh? What’s the dating scene like for you?

Fernanda: God!! In Los Angeles? It’s the worst ever!

GS: Yeah, we can only imagine. Who is your celeb crush?

Fernanda: Ryan Gosling.

GP: Ok, so for the 99% of men that don’t look like Ryan Gosling, how does a guy a girl like you?

Fernanda: Mmm… be original, adventurous, artsy, intelligent—and a sexy smile.

GP: Hollywood seems to be in love with the Latina lady recently, which is fine with us. How does that make you feel? Are you proud and have you noticed it too?

Fernanda: Yes I do! I have never felt ashamed of where I am from and also Hollywood is changing too, bringing more Latin spice to the screen and we love that. It was about time.

GS: We hear your new movie “Mission Park” will be out in 2012. Can you tell us a little about that?

Fernanda: Mission Park is a story of four friends that grow up together and then destiny breaks them apart… but then they reunite when they are older and things have changed. It’s kind of like ‘Casino’ meets ‘Scarface’ and my character Gina, she is stuck in a love triangle between the friends. She is a strong woman with heart but suffered a lot when she was young—she has a very twisted head.

GS: Since this is the season, we have to ask, were you naughty or nice this year?

Fernanda: Ha ha ha– a little bit of both I will say!

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