If you ever saw the movie  Being John Malkovich, the plot centered around a puppeteer who discovered a portal to enter the mind of the famous actor. Once the puppeteer entered Malkovich's head, he was able to control his thoughts and thus, started to drive the actor crazy.  I thought that movie was original, funny, and highly entertaining. If you have not seen it, rent or download it and you will be in for a wild ride. 

I also believe that 12 years later, a sequel was made entitled Being Jason Garrett. This plot would center around a fanatical New York Giants follower who able to enter the mind of the Dallas Cowboys head coach. Specifically, the Giants fan was able to take over Garrett's head during Sunday's game between the Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals. The movie's climax would be late in the game when Dallas has a chance to win on a last-second field goal. Instead of kicker Dan Bailey being the hero and kicking the game-winning 49 yard boot, his head coach mysteriously calls a time out just a second before the ball is snapped. Of course Bailey misses the kick the second time and Dallas proceeds to lose the game in overtime. By the time Garrett regains control of himself, the Cardinals win the game in overtime. As for the Giants fan, he was able to leap out of Garrett's mind and return to New York City a much happier person (despite his beloved team losing a heartbreaker to the Packers 15 minutes later).

All kidding aside, Garrett's decision to call time out and unintentionally ice his own kicker is a move that could cost some head coaches their job. After the game, the Cowboys head coach explained that the play clock was running down and he wanted to make sure his team did not get penalized. Bad excuse. Luckily for Garrett, his team is still in first place by one game in the NFC East. He also has a team owner in Jerry Jones that is not yet ready to admit he made a mistake by hiring Garrett to replace Wade Phillips last season. Still, if the Cowboys make the playoffs and find themselves in a close game, you have to wonder if Garrett will continue to make the wrong decisions and cost his team a chance at winning a Super Bowl.