The 2019 season for the Dallas Cowboys is winding up in the same place it has for a few years now—a 7-8 ball club that has much more potential than it displays.

That’s truly why I do not like the word potential…it leaves a lot to be desired if, in fact, it is never reached. Hopefully, the Cowboys display the same fervor as the New York Giants did when they reached the playoffs and won the Super Bowl with an 8-8 record! The Giants also must beat the Philadelphia Eagles this week for any chance of this happening for Dallas. The Cowboys missed a grand opportunity to solidify its own destiny into the NFL playoffs this season with a horribly lackluster game in Philly where every advantage was theirs except the will to win.

I do not know where to begin with the loss against Philly, as dropped passes and overthrown balls, along with Ezekiel Elliott rushing for less than 20 times left everyone in Cowboys Nation stunned. Personally, I could not understand how the Giants and Redskins scored against Philadelphia and Dallas could not. The defense was very decent only giving up 17 points, however, they were left without support from their offense. The kicking game has improved but now the touchdowns have become nonexistent. A simple formula for a road loss.

This week at home against another beat-up football team, the Cowboys have to win and get help from a division opponent to get into the playoffs. As I mentioned earlier in the season, the Dolphins, who employed head coach Jason Garrett, provided a timely win against Philly and now once again have to rely on a former employer to beat the Eagles. Garrett was part of the New York Giants team led by Kerry Collins that lost in the Super Bowl during the 1999 season. So can lightning strike twice? Will Dallas beat Washington to have the opportunity to use the Giants' efforts? We won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Granted, Dallas has played well at home and everyone in the organization knows what’s at stake. For everyone who likes Garrett as a person, they would surely appreciate him getting this team into the playoffs, even if it is with assistance. The NFC East hasn’t had back-to-back representation from the same team in the last several seasons. All the tools are in the toolbox for this team. The question this season is, how and when to use the tools? If it’s psychological, then play the Rams game all day during the day for all of the next games Dallas can play.

There is a small margin of error in such a competitive professional league where there are beliefs but no guarantees—except that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will be in the playoffs. The defense will be without Leighton Vander Esch as the decision to shut him down has been made. Everything and everyone else should be ready to go. The Washington Redskins are the walking wounded and have to bring a very limited team on the road to Arlington.

Not much else to be said other than this season will be a total loss if somehow the Dallas Cowboys do not get into the second season. I am as optimistic as anyone, however, I do not get to play or coach the team. I shall take a late Christmas present from the Giants, who by the way, also helped former Dallas defensive back Everson Walls get a Super Bowl win and on the cover of Sports Illustrated as well. Thank you, New York and way to go cuz! So if some is good, more is better…Let’s get wins from the Giants and Cowboys and roll the dice in the playoffs!

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