Finally, after nine seasons, the Dallas Cowboys are reported to be moving on from Jason Garrett, a Princeton man who leaves with community college cred.

After nine seasons of backup quarterback football –– moments of brilliance surrounded by mediocrity –– ESPN's Ed Werder reports that the Dallas Cowboys will not renew Garrett's contract.

Even doing nametag job work in a corporate raider world, Garrett didn't just get one meeting with the boss, not two meetings, but...

Okay, yeah, two meetings.

From all accounts Garrett is a good and kind man –– not trying to wussify him here, seriously; good or bad or meh, not every coach is a nice person –– and he will doubtless land another gig after he's officially placed in the blue bin of NFL coaches.

But three playoff appearances and two playoff wins in nine seasons? That just ain't sufficiently Cowboy.

Garrett's Cowboys dealt with plenty of injuries this season, but try bringing that mess to Mike Tomlin.

He won more than he lost, and not every coach can say this. But not every coach could turn Zeke Elliott and Amari Cooper into...8-and-8.

In the NFC East.

Who's got next?

Well, Jerry Jones...

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