El Paso may be expecting temps in excess of 100 degrees over the next few days but, we're still cooler than Phoenix.

Phoenix is a popular spot for El Pasoans to visit for concerts, professional racing, sports and more. This weekend though, they're looking at temps around 120 degrees and that's jacking up the airport. It's too hot for jets to fly!!

American Airlines grounded dozens of flights, forcing passengers to rebook or make other arrangements.  According to theverge.com:

Extreme heat affects a plane’s ability to take off, especially smaller jets like those that service American Airlines’ regional routes. Larger aircraft manufactured by Boeing and Airbus have maximum operating temperatures of 127 degrees. But smaller planes, like the Bombardier CRJ regional aircraft, can only operate at a maximum temperature of 118 degrees.

If anyone from the Borderland is planning a trip to Phoenix, you might wanna book night or early morning flights. Or, check the train schedules!

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