El Paso Mayor Leeser appeals to Governor Abbott to reconsider letting local communities decide the need for facemasks while sharing his family members' loss to COVID-19. 

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser has sent Texas Governor Gregg Abbott a very personal letter that recounts his mother (Rhoberta) and brother's (George) deaths due to COVID-19. The letter also requests that the governor reconsider and allow local authorities to issue facemask requirements based on the community's challenges. 

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On Tuesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that he would be lifting the mask mandate, COVID-19 restrictions, and reopen Texas back up to 100% capacity. Much to the surprise of most Texans and El Pasoans alike, Mayor Oscar Leeser and County Judge Ricardo Samaniego seemed to have been taken aback by the news as well. 

Mayor Oscar Leeser understands the importance of wearing a mask, and in the 2-page letter, the mayor describes how his mother became very ill, and the night before her death, his brother and sisters visited her. Sadly, Leeser's mom died in November, and his brother on Christmas Eve, due to the deadly disease.

Oscar Leeser Mayor of El Paso FB

Leeser also shares how he is a local business owner and wants nothing more than to see his and all other businesses return to normal, but not to the detriment of the community’s overall health. 

Mayor Leeser says that face masks “aid and not hinder” local businesses, and removing mask mandates would work against business owners instead of improving operations.  

Since Abbott's announcement, many El Pasoans and business owners have been pledging to continue wearing a mask and follow safety guidelines.

I applaud Mayor Leeser for illuminating Governor Abbott about how important it is for our community to continue to wear masks and take the necessary safety precautions because the alternative is a life sentence that no one can afford.

Read Mayor Oscar Leeser’s Letter to Governor Greg Abbott below:


“100% masks equals 100% business.”

Posted by Mayor Oscar Leeser on Thursday, March 4, 2021

Oscar Leeser Mayor of El Paso FB
Oscar Leeser Mayor of El Paso FB

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