There’s a new music venue in town and it’s the first of its kind in El Paso!

El Pasoans Michael Sarabia and his partner Alex Diaz have experienced dueling piano bars in other parts of town and when the time came for them to think of a new idea to bring to the borderland, they quickly knew what it was El Paso needed.

“The reason that my business partner Alex and I wanted to open this kind of music venue is because there’s nothing like this in this region,” said Michael. “There’s some in Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston and we always said, why not El Paso? El Pasoans deserve to have a dueling piano bar.”

And that is when Elton’s Dueling Pianos was born! And the best part is that both men decided to bring the new music venue to an area in El Paso that was once a hot spot for partygoers; El Paso’s Union Plaza.

“So a dueling piano bar is a request-driven entertainment venue where musicians can play any kind of music genre,” explained Michael. “From rock to disco to rap to country it doesn't matter what it is they play it. There are two pianists, and there's a drummer it’s a full band experience and it’s just a party.”

Managing a bar isn’t Michael’s day job, but he is excited to be stepping out of his comfort zone to bring entertainment to El Pasoans.

“I am a managing partner for RevIVe mobile ambulance. That’s what I’ve done all my life,” said Michael. “I’m a nurse, I’m a paramedic and I wanted something different than medicine because medicine is a very serious and tedious occupation but this is different.”

Michael and Alex are hopeful that this new bar will bring people back to El Paso’s Union Plaza.

“We’re flying in national acts every week. They're from all over the country,” said Michael. “Guests can expect a lot of fun, entertainment, music, and just a great environment.”

I went to the music venue’s soft opening this past weekend and I was not disappointed.

Elton’s Dueling Piano

Walking up to the bar reminded me of my college years when me and my girlfriends would head out to The Garden, 1914, Plum you name it! However, this time around the whole area was quiet which was kind of sad to see, but the second I got closer to Elton’s Dueling Piano Bar I had flashbacks of the good times. Some I rather not talk about, but all good memories.

Elton’s Dueling Piano Bar is located where the 1914 Bar once stood and many other bars, 115 Durango Suite A.

The second you walk in you can feel the calm vibes. The bar is darkly lit which adds to the ambiance. The main stage is lit in different colors throughout the night and right under the lights are two red-colored pianos. The full band is set up on the upper level for all guests to see.

Elton’s Dueling Piano

You are highly encouraged to make a reservation before you head out to assure you get a good spot for the show.

Guests can request songs and tip the piano players. Their requests can range from any genre of music and they’ll be played by professional pianists who also entertain the crowd with playful interactions and humor.

Elton’s Dueling Piano

The new music venue has a full bar with specialty cocktails and if I must recommend a cocktail I’m going to have to suggest Elton’s Pineapple Chipotle Margarita! Not only is it delicious, but it’s on fire when it’s served to you! I mean, it’s the perfect Instagram photo op!

Elton’s Dueling Piano

Michael and Alex are hoping that this will be the first of many bars that return to Union Plaza and they hope that locals enjoy the newest addition to El Paso’s downtown area.

“What we want people to get is an experience when they come in where they feel like they're part of a performance and where they could sing their hearts out and just have a good time with friends and family,” said Michael.

For more details on Elton's dueling piano bar click here.

Elton’s Dueling Pianos

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