A newborn horse is calling the El Paso Zoo home now!

Back in July the El Paso Zoo celebrated the birth of a baby Sumatran Orangutan and now they are celebrating the birth of a Przewalski's horse.

“We are thrilled to welcome a new female to our Przewalski's horse family,” read a post on the El Paso Zoo’s Facebook page announcing the birth of the newborn horse, also known as a Filly.

The newborn Przewalski horse, also known as the Mongolian horse, is the third of its kind born at the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

“We are excited for the birth of our new Przewalski’s horse and the fact that we are contributing to the conservation and survival of the species,” said El Paso Zoo Collections Supervisor Griselda Martinez.

The newborn Filly was born last Tuesday, September 20th, and families that spent their weekend at the El Paso Zoo were able to see the newborn horse and the proud momma.

Courtesy: El Paso Zoo
Courtesy: El Paso Zoo

According to the Facebook post, This is the third filly born to the zoo’s adult Przewalski’s horses, Brianna and Vitalis. The first filly, Misha, was born in 2018 and was transferred to a facility in Minnesota. The second filly, Holly, was transferred to a San Diego Safari Park.

The Przewalski horses are critically endangered horses found in Mongolia and they are the last truly wild horse.

According to El Paso Zoo officials, Przewalkski horses can only be found in Zoos and captive populations around the world.

“The fact that we have such good parents, and we can consistently deliver new baby animals to help the species is even better – plus, who doesn’t like a baby,” said El Paso Zoo Director Joe Montisano.



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