There is nothing better than holiday food. At Easter we get to eat the hell out of chocolate and jelly beans. Fourth of July brings hot dogs and ice cream. Come Halloween, we all eat our weight in the candy our neighbors give our kids. Thanksgiving is all about eating everything that isn't nailed down, watching a football game, and then eating the leftovers. We now find ourselves just a few days away from Christmas and eating all the fabulous food that living on the border brings. Champurrado, menudo, tamales, pozole, bunuelos, brisket, chili con queso - all amazing foods, none of them something you should be eating every day because they are not healthy at all.

A local tv station talked to a trainer who said that if you have to eat tamales, you should try to eat their 'skinny''skinny''skinny' tamales.

Yeah. Whatevs.

Look, I get it. Healthy eating is better for you, but it's Christmas. Indulging for a couple of weeks probably isn't going to kill you. Indulging at every meal during the rest of the year probably will. If you think I'm going to eat "healthy" tamales, you have done gone round the bend. Keep your mitts off my completely unhealthy tamales or be prepared to be stabbed in the hand with my fork.

I'm sure that healthy food fanatics are horrified that for 2 cups of masa used to make tamales, you need almost a cup of lard to hold that delicious masa together as it cradles a tender pork filling. Healthy? Hell no, and that's just how we like them.

If you want to be healthy, make sure you spend your year eating properly and exercising every day. If you want to make it through Christmas in my house without getting a handful of tofu thrown at you, don't even suggest I eat a healthy tamale.

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