It's the time of year where many of us are eating the same thing: tamales! If you're looking to buy some tamales instead of making your own for this holiday season you may hit up your local bakery or maybe even hope to run into the tamal lady at a Food King parking lot.

Buying tamales is always a gamble, if you stray outside your tamal network, you run the risk of getting some not so tasty tamales! Look, I'm not one to judge, I love tamales of all types- but sometimes I feel like got ripped off.

Having helped my mom make tamales since I was 12, I think I know my way around a tamal and when I saw this video I was immediately horrified! I know I'm not an expert, my mom is the tamal expert, but I knew this video was a little suspicious when I saw it. See if you can find out what triggered me.

This feels almost... criminal. I know I wasn't the only one who was triggered judging by the comments!

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Many other agreed that is WAY TOO MUCH MASA! Many also pointed out that this is those tamales that trick you thinking they're filled with meat but unfortunately they are nothing but masa!

Look, I know everyone is entitled to make tamales their own way PERO that is TOO MUCH MASA. The husk is cut weird, the masa overload, the two pieces of meat (it's not even shredded!) and the foil? What is the foil for?

If you seriously have an answer to this weird tamal journey, let us know because I, along with the thousands of others who commented, need some serious tamal answers!

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