One local gas station proves lucky for El Pasoans playing the Texas Lottery.

Texas Lottery

Last year three El Paosans became instant millionaires, the last of which won $9 million on December 9, 2020. This month local El Pasoan Demetrio Ponce won a ticket worth $500 per week for the next 20 years after playing a Texas Lotto Weekly Half Grand scratch ticket.

The Texas Lottery announced that Ponce selected the cash value option and will receive one lump sum payment of $450,003.37 instead of the $500 accrual payments per week for 20 years.  


Ponce claimed the third of four top prizes available in the game, which means one last Weekly Half Grand winning scratch ticket is out there somewhere waiting to be won.

But what's interesting is that Ponce purchased his winning ticket at the same gas station that issued another winning Lotto ticket 15 years ago. That winning ticket issued the largest sum ever won by an El Pasoan when Martha L. Cuellar won a Mega Millions drawing of $94 million in 2006 at a gas station located at 6390 Alameda Ave.

Oksana Kostyushko

Texas Lottery enthusiasts take note because it turns out that Ponce purchased his ticket at the same gas station where Cuellar bought her Mega Millions ticket, except in 2006 it was a Good Time Store, and today it's a 7-11.

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It’s exciting to daydream about winning the lottery. For a moment, we can easily imagine solving all our economic problems, paying off debt, renovating our home space, and a million more wonderful ideas. It takes only one ticket to win any lottery and right now is probably the most exciting time to play (responsibly).

Congratulations again to the latest lucky El Paso Lotto winner – We hope this unexpected windfall brings many blessings, especially during these trying times.

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