Tons of families in El Paso sure do love to enjoy the weekend grubbing out on some tasty Mexican food. Some of the most popular Mexican foods you will find at your abuelita's house or at a family gathering during big parties.

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Giving you those major hints should help you pinpoint what kind of food I am referring to. But not everyone sees eye to eye when it comes to certain Mexican delectables.

Not sure about your family but as for mine they enjoy grubbing out on menudo for breakfast occasionally on Sunday mornings. Now there are a good amount of people in El Paso who love to eat menudo and other appetizing foods.

As a kid, I never really enjoyed eating lengua but sure have gotten to love it as an adult. I especially love to eat lengua burritos that is if they're not too spicy.

If you don't know what lengua is, it is a beef tongue that some would think is just straight-up disgusting. Another delicious food some Hispanics love to eat is tripas.

Tripas are the small intestines of farm animals and the word intestines can really turn off some people. In fact, one person who is certainly turned off by menudo, tripas, and lengua is a woman who lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Jen Kopszywa probably sees some Texans (especially El Pasoans) as a bunch of Jeffrey Dahmers. Just check out the status she shared not that long ago on her Facebook which had over 1.4k shares. But I sure would like to see how many people are "Jeffrey Dahmers" by placing their opinion in the poll below.

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