It has taken El Paso longer than some cities in the U.S., but there are a growing number of Vegan options in local restaurants. For Serge Franco and Andre Gutierrez, their longtime bond has led them into the thriving El Paso culinary scene. Franco and Gutierrez have both spent years in the restaurant business, and Andre' passion for farming led to the creation of Chuco Chile Co. OG Farms is located in Anthony, New Mexico and that is where Gutierrez got started growing his own chile along with special organic vegetables like lion's mane mushrooms. Serge and Andre created Chuco Chile Co. to showcase their product into a variety of hot sauces. Their venture is now expanding into the restaurant business, since they have taken over the kitchen at The Station at Sunset Bar located at 145 E. Sunset road. Their kitchen grand opening is September 15th, but they had their soft opening earlier this month. Some of the terrific options you can find at Chuco Chile Co. include Chuco Chile regular and vegan menudo, Chuco's tacos, Nacho's nachos, hot hot wings, ceviche, chilaquiles, and chicken and waffles. Their signature homegrown chile sauces will also be available.

When I was told that their Chuco Chile vegan menudo featured lion's mane mushrooms, I had to try it. The consistency was remarkably similar to traditional munudo, but this vegan version presented a much healthier option. I learned that lion's mane mushrooms have numerous beneficial effects on the body, including the brain, heart, and gut. It has already become one of Chuco Chile Co's most popular items and it has sold out every weekend.

Chuco Chile Co. will be hosting Yoga and Brunch on Friday, September 20th at 10:30 a.m. as part of Beer, Bites, and Beats. Tickets are $30 plus tax and fees and available for purchase online. It includes three cider beer pours, a 45-minute yoga session, brunch, and a commemorative Beer, Bites, and Beats tasting glass. Here's the menu for the brunch:

  • Vegan and regular menudo
  • Vegan and shrimp ceviche
  • Vegan and brisket Chuco's tacos
  • Chuco style charcuterie board

Chuco Chile Co. will also be serving their spectacular vegan ceviche and a vegan red beer setup, along with their signature hot sauces and vegan jerky at Beer, Bites, and Beats on Saturday, September 21st.

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