We all have attended a Hispanic birthday party that will either be full of fun or drama. You never know what to expect especially when alcohol is involved, which is a must.

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One weekend I was curious about how a Hispanic birthday party wouldn't be a party without certain necessities. Seeing some of the responses on the KLAQ Facebook page had me losing calories from laughing so hard.

I believe a Hispanic birthday party isn't a party without a pinata filled with Mexican candy. Clearly, I am still a kid at heart because that is a must for me while others had different answers.

Well, it is clear to me that the biggest and most important necessity to be considered a real party is alcohol. Clearly, that seems to be the number one thing that is a must-have necessity according to the Facebook comments.

One of the many locals James Pacheco had mentioned the standard party plate of food. You should know by now that plate would consist of barbacoa, rice, beans, chile con queso, and your tia's red salsa that's hotter than the Sun.

Plus, a few locals mentioned that it isn't a party without the hilarious borracho uncle. Another funny reply came from Isaac Molina who said beef between family members which some of us know all too well.

Another necessity that was mentioned a few times by Nikki Marie, Rose Seip, and Moni Drea Orozco was music. So I guess to sum it all up the top 3 vital necessities that make a Hispanic birthday party are drinks, music, and food.

Joel Portillo
"Everyone arriving later than the time allotted for the festivities to begin/the host is not ready at the time the festivities are supposed to begin."

Isaac Molina
"Beef between family members!"

Samuel Rosales
"Carne Asada."

James Pacheco
"The standard party plate: brisket or barbacoa, rice, beans, and chile con queso. Your one tia's red salsa that's hotter than the Sun. And that bomb-ass macaroni salad your other tia makes. Mmmm!!"

Gonzo Tees
"Bolsitas (candy bags)"

Gus Mendez
"La carnita asada."

Karla Geraldin

Richard Aguirre
"More alcohol than kids drinks… at a kids birthday party"

Moni Drea Orozco
"Las tias y los primos borrachos singing to Jennie Rivera and Vicente Fernandez after a crap load of Tequila shots!"

Melissa Romo
"Un tio borracho."

Armando Molina
"Un tio borracho."

Carlos Ramirez
" A drunk uncle falling over everyone."

Nikki Marie
"Cumbias playing in the background"

Rose Seip

Sandra Rodriguez

Richy Armendariz
"Beer for about a week."

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