We all know you're ready for a cold, frosty one in your favorite watering hole because you're tired of drinking on your back porch. Earlier this week Texas governor Greg Abbott tweeted out something that made people think that he has your back and your drink.

El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego says he believes that Abbott is going to reopen bars as soon as Thursday so he is going to ask for a two week delay in opening El Paso bars. The last time he did that was when he asked the governor for a two week delay in the Phase 2 reopening in May. Abbott gave Samaniego a one week delay in response to his letter. Samaniego says he is now working on a letter to the governor to give the County a two week reprieve before we open El Paso County bars.

With the COVID-19 infection rate going crazy in El Paso County, it would be better for the County Judge to ask for no bars to reopen. It's clear that we aren't taking any of this seriously. The County is reporting that the highest rates of infection aren't from kids heading back to class, but from the activities of people ages 20 - 30 years old.

I get that bar owners are hurting. I know that asking an entire industry to collapse is a crappy thing to do and that people can do house parties just as easily, but really, when are we going to learn? Aren't you tired of this nonsense? Don't you want to be able to go somewhere without a damned mask? Without having to worry about droplets in the air? Without having to worry that you could give someone a potentially fatal illness when you go back home? I am.

Jeez people, please. Stay home and let's strangle COVID-19 so we can get back to normal.

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